Why Africa must stand against Fraudulent and Unjust Vaccine Testing


I am against vaccine test in any part of Africa and I have no apology for that. I consider such act in Africa as a violation of our fundamental human right, Injustice and an act of Fraud.

In few lines of words, I am going to state my reasons for such position. I feel I have to do so because since I joined the campaign against vaccine test in Africa, some of my colleagues are getting worried and they are hitting my inbox for explanations.

To point out, I am not against vaccine, although, I personally have never been vaccinated, and I do not see myself going for one any time soon (you may certainly need it if you have already polluted your system with their laboratory chemicals). Instead, it is the testing of these vaccines in Africa I am talking about.

Now, why do I say that the vaccine testing in Africa is Injustice, an abuse of Human Rights, and Fraud?

~Everywhere in the world where I have seen the Testing or Trial of vaccines, the pharmaceutical company, the state, or the responsible agency opens a nomination for volunteers who wish to participate in such trial process to come forward, have them registered and ensured, and then get paid for participating in such trial.

In the UK last year, my colleague participated in such a trial process which he charged 4000 Pounds for a 3 weeks exercise. This to some extent, becomes a huge burden on the pharmaceutical industry since in most instances they need a large sample size to validate the safety of their products. For example, if a sample size of 500 people is needed for a trial in the U K where each voluntary participant is to charge £4000 this will costs £2,000,000.

However, if the company chooses to have this trial in Africa, all that it has to do is to find some £500,000 for some few state officials, then the next day ‘BOOM!’ the flood gate is opened, 10 million people are made available for a mandatory exercise without their consent or any benefit for their involvement.

This is certainly unjust, abuse of the fundamental human rights of the African, and a fraudulent deal against human dignity. Yes, we are also humans, we have rights and those rights of ours must be respected.

If you want to have any trial of pharmaceutical products in Africa, it must be a voluntary trial where people choose to participate or not and their voluntary services are duly paid for as it is done everywhere in the world.

  • We shall stand for our rights, for it is our right to protect our rights!
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