Victors football club Owner Brig General Jackson Bell Tushabe Dead

A retired army officer in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) was the owner of Victors football club which used to ply its trade in the top tier league.

He also served as the Vice President in charge of Competitions during Dr Lawrence Mulindwa’s first term in office at FUFA.


Further to that, he was also Chairman Super division clubs association as well as Chairman Fufa Competitions committee between 2005- 2009.


Brig General Jackson Bell Tushabe was number R0/0079


He joined NRA in 1982. After the war he served as a commander of the 4th Division Gulu, 3rd Division Mbale and 2nd Division Mbarara.


In the bush, Bell belonged to the dare devil category of commanders like Jet mwebaze(RIP), Stanley Muhangi(RIP), Col. Patrick Lumumba(RIP), Salim Saleh






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