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UHRC releases reports on missing NUP supporters, dismisses non-existent torture allegations

UHRC releases reports on missing NUP supporters, dismisses non-existent torture allegations

The Uganda Human Rights Commission ( UHRC ) boss Mariam Wangadya on Tuesday published a series of reports shedding light on the cases of missing supporters affiliated with the National Unity Platform (NUP).

“ Out findings have established that 12 of the persons who were reported missing were arrested on suspicions of having committed several offences and were either released on police bond or court bail.

Some said they were arrested by UPDF and others said unknown people while one said he was arrested by masked men,”Wangadya said.

Adding,some of the alleged missing NUP members were arrested on charges of terrorism, vandalism of property among others.

Simultaneously, the UHRC has emphasized that claims of torture in these cases are baseless and without foundation.

In its efforts to address human rights concerns, the UHRC conducted thorough investigations into the disappearances of NUP supporters, aiming to provide transparency and clarity.

The released reports present detailed findings, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding these missing individuals. However, it is crucial to note that the UHRC has firmly refuted any allegations of torture related to these cases.

Meanwhile the Commission maintains that there is no substantive evidence to support claims of torture inflicted upon the missing NUP supporters.

The UHRC’s dismissal of these allegations aims to provide an accurate representation of the investigations’ outcomes.

By releasing these reports, the UHRC aimed to facilitate open dialogue, encourage accountability, and promote respect for human rights.

The Commission seeks to foster an environment where the concerns of all citizens, regardless of their political affiliations, are addressed in a fair and just manner.

It is important to recognize the UHRC’s commitment to upholding human rights standards and its dedication to impartially investigating cases of missing persons.

The Commission’s efforts to shed light on the disappearances of NUP supporters while simultaneously addressing and dismissing unfounded allegations of torture contribute to transparency and accountability within the justice system.

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