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“Breaking the Digital Divide: Ugandan Refugee Communities to gain access to internet”

Ugandan Refugee Communities to gain access to internet”

In Uganda, refugee communities are gaining access to the internet, thanks to efforts by various organizations as part of the world Bank digital transformation programme.

Meanwhile these efforts are aimed at bridging the digital divide and providing refugees with the tools they need to stay connected with the rest of the world.

However,through partnerships with internet service providers, NGOs are setting up Wi-Fi hotspots in refugee settlements, allowing refugees to access the internet for free or at low cost.

This has opened up new opportunities for refugees, enabling them to communicate with friends and family, access information and education, and even start businesses.

In addition to providing internet access, organizations are also offering training programs to help refugees develop digital skills.

The Universal Digital Acceleration Program, a project supported by the world bank in partnership with the Ugandan Ministry is slated to kick start in the new Financial Year 2023/2024 and is expected to last five years.

These programs cover basic computer skills, social media, and online entrepreneurship, among other topics.

By equipping refugees with these skills, organizations are helping them to become more self-reliant and better able to support themselves and their families.

Dr Zawedde made remarks on Saturday following an event where MTN Uganda , Uganda small scale Industries Association and Centenary Technologies Limited teamed up to help a refugee home in Kampala with Shs 15 million to expand its computer laboratory.

Refugee and Hope in Kansanga Kampala empowers urban asylum seekers with entrepreneurship skills and professional knowledge, teaches them different languages, preserves their culture and ultimately provides counselling to those who have experienced traumatic events in their home countries.

Overall, the efforts to connect refugee communities to the internet are making a significant impact, improving the quality of life for refugees and enabling them to participate more fully in the global community.

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