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UCC launches inquiry into Chief Nyombi Thembo’s political comments: Ensuring impartiality and transparency

UCC launches inquiry into Chief Nyombi Thembo's political comments

In a recent turn of events, Twitter now X has been abuzz with concerns over the political comments made by George William Nyombi Thembo, the chief of the Uganda Communications Commission ( UCC ).

The UCC is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in Uganda.

The controversy arose when Nyombi Thembo expressed his political opinions on his personal Twitter  account now X, which sparked a heated debate among X users.

Many people raised concerns about the impartiality and neutrality of the UCC chief, as his role requires him to be non-partisan and objective in his decision-making.

For long Mr Nyombi has been using his personal account on X to make political statements that some construe as going against the government’s communication policy governing the conduct of accounting officers or chief executives of ministries, departments and agencies MDAs).

“As an identified government employee, your comments should be apolitical, impartial and professional,” the policy says.

On March 29, Nyombi posted on his personal account @nyombiluzze: “I think now the former LoP appreciates why most Ugandans could not vote for the Pulincipolo@2021.”

The comments made by Nyombi Thembo have ignited a discussion about the boundaries of free speech and the responsibilities of public officials.

Some argue that as a citizen, he has the right to express his opinions, while others believe that his position demands a higher level of professionalism and neutrality. The UCC is now facing calls for an investigation into the matter to ensure that there is no bias in their decision-making processes.

In response to the growing concerns, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has decided to conduct an inquiry to investigate Nyombi Thembo’s political comments.

The inquiry aims to determine whether his statements have compromised the impartiality and integrity of the UCC and its decision-making processes.

The inquiry will be carried out by an independent body composed of legal and regulatory experts. They will thoroughly examine Nyombi Thembo’s social media activity, including his tweets and any other public statements related to politics.

The goal is to assess whether there has been any violation of the UCC’s code of conduct or any breach of neutrality on the part of its chief.

This move by the UCC is seen as a step towards addressing the concerns raised by the public and ensuring transparency within the commission.

The inquiry’s findings will be made public, and appropriate actions will be taken based on the results. The UCC aims to maintain its reputation as an independent and fair regulatory body, free from any political bias.

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