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President Museveni declares commencement of sixth National Census

President Museveni declares commencement of sixth National Census

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has officially announced the upcoming commencement of Uganda’s eagerly awaited Sixth Population and Housing Census (NPHC) to begin on May 10, 2024.

The Sixth National Census, a comprehensive and vital undertaking, aims to collect accurate data on the demographic composition of Uganda. By capturing essential information about the population’s size, distribution, and socio-economic characteristics, the census will provide invaluable insights into the nation’s evolving needs and priorities

In a statement, Museveni underscored the significance of obtaining accurate information for the country’s development, reiterating the importance of the census.

“As we strive to achieve Uganda’s Vision 2040, it is imperative that our plans are based on precise data regarding our people and resources,” he emphasized

President Museveni emphasized the importance of accurate data, noting that it forms the foundation for evidence-based decision-making.

By conducting a thorough and precise census, the government will be equipped with the necessary information to formulate informed policies and programs, effectively allocate resources, and address the specific requirements of different regions and communities within Uganda.

The President underlined that the census will be conducted in a transparent, inclusive, and non-discriminatory manner. It will encompass every individual residing in Uganda, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

Special measures will be implemented to ensure the participation of vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, persons with disabilities, and those living in remote areas.

To ensure the success of this crucial national exercise, President Museveni called upon all Ugandan citizens to cooperate fully with the census officials. He urged them to provide accurate information and allow enumerators access to their households during the designated enumeration period.

Stressing the importance of privacy, the President assured the public that all data collected would be treated with utmost confidentiality and used solely for statistical purposes.

President Museveni also acknowledged the significance of technological advancements in streamlining the census process. He highlighted the incorporation of digital tools and mapping technologies to enhance data collection, analysis, and dissemination.

These innovative methods will not only expedite the census operation but also improve the accuracy and reliability of the gathered information.

The announcement of Uganda’s Sixth National Census marks a significant milestone in the country’s pursuit of data-driven development.

Under President Museveni’s leadership, this comprehensive survey will empower the government to make informed decisions, address societal needs, and foster inclusive growth. By participating wholeheartedly in the census, Ugandan citizens can contribute to shaping a brighter future for their nation based on accurate information and equitable resource allocation.

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