“Sheebah Must Kneel And Apologize To Me….” Nina Roz Roars.

Without fear, Nina Roz has once again asked the “Wankona kona” singer Sheebah karunji to apologize to her. While on one of the local television channels, Nina Roz confirmed that Sheebah has always felt jealous of her little success.

It should be noted that the two beautiful divas were close friends but we have failed to understand why two successful ladies cannot work together to empower their gender. They always find a way to stain / shade each other. For instance, Cindy has also come out to sting Sheebah on several occasions and platforms an issue we think doesn’t really matter but anyway everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Anyway, Nina Roz refused to disclose the wounds Sheebah has inflicted onto her and insists that only both parties can work out their own issue.

We hoping to listen from Sheebah soon. Stay glued.

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