Patriko Mujuuka vowed to come as Independent after Bobi Wine Nup deny him a card

A nightmare for comedian Patriko Mujuuka as NUP headed by his good friend Kyagulanyi Robert has denied him a party card for his intended dream to represent Nakifuma Constituency.

The NUP vetting committee was not convinced that comedian Patricko can woe supporters to defeat NRM in in Nakifuma come 2021 elections.

According to Patriko camp couldn’t believe it when the sad news landed in his ears.

With tears allover his face, Patriko has promised to file an appeal to NUP committee as he thinks he was the right person to get the ticket.

Patricko adds that the vetting committee was full of amatuers who didn’t even know what was taking place in Nakifuma Constituency.

He also vowed to come as an independent should NUP fail to consider his appeal.

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