Accountability under scrutiny: Kalaki district officials detained over misappropriation of funds

Kalaki district officials detained over misappropriation of funds

In a significant turn of events, the authorities have taken action against Christopher Okumu, the chief administrative officer of Kalaki District, and Kyalaire Omagor, the district education officer, following allegations of misappropriation of funds.

These arrests were made on the orders of State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rose Lilly Akello, and the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU).

On the other hand, Kyalaire Omagor, the district education officer, has been apprehended for his alleged mismanagement of Shs800 million UGIFT funds. These funds were designated for the construction of a chain-link fence at Kakure Senior Secondary School in Kakure Subcounty.

Disturbingly, sources indicate that the Ministry of Education and Sports allocated Shs800 million to Kalaki District, but only Shs542 million was awarded to the contractor. During questioning, Omagor was unable to account for the missing money, raising further suspicions regarding the project execution.

Additionally, CAO Okumu faces allegations of diverting Shs17 million that was intended for the construction of the Opilitok-Kaberpila Road in Otuboi Sub-county during the FY 2022/2023.

This diversion of funds has had a detrimental impact on the progress of the road development project, which remains untouched despite commitments made by former Senior Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. George Euchu, to refund the misused funds.

Further investigations have shed light on the mismanagement of Shs350 million earmarked for the restoration of the Abalanga-Imat-Amua-Surambaya Road. Mr. Okumu’s failure to provide crucial information regarding the misuse of these funds has raised concerns among the authorities.

Reports have also highlighted various anomalies, including the collapse of a bridge linking Kalaki to Alebtong District, the absence of gravel surfacing on the road, and the lack of installed road signs.

The situation in Kalaki District has been exacerbated by the interdiction of Kalaki Town Clerk Richard Eliau and Treasurer James Opali. These officials face charges of severe financial misconduct, embezzlement, and misappropriation of public funds, which have had a direct impact on service delivery.

The district council has accused them of mismanaging public funds, including the absence of a physical plan for Kalaki Town Council despite a budget allocation of Shs29.3 million in the FY2019/2020.

The arrest of Kalaki District officials, Christopher Okumu and Kyalaire Omagor, over allegations of misappropriation of funds has brought issues of accountability to the forefront.

These actions by the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity and the State House Anti-Corruption Unit demonstrate a commitment to combat corruption and ensure transparency in public administration.

As the investigations progress, further details of the case will be revealed, shedding light on the extent of the misappropriation and its impact on the district’s development.

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