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NUP remains committed to Bobi welcome march, despite police warning

NUP remains committed to Bobi welcome march, despite police warning

The National Unity Platform ( NUP ) has reiterated its determination to hold a welcome march for its leader, Bobi Wine, despite an official warning from the police.

In a statement released yesterday, the party expressed its unwavering commitment to organizing the event, highlighting the importance of giving Bobi Wine a proper reception following his return from abroad.

Bobi Wine is expected to arrive at Entebbe International Airport at 10 am and then March to Kampala City in a procession dubbed ‘One million March.’ He has been on tour in Canada and South Africa.

At the same time president Museveni is expected to be at Kokomo Ceremonial grounds for celebrations to mark the National Teachers’ Day.

The police had earlier cautioned NUP against proceeding with the welcome march, citing potential security risks and the need to maintain public order.

Nevertheless, NUP remains firm in its decision, emphasizing the march as a peaceful demonstration of support and solidarity for Bobi Wine.

However  critics argue that the police warning is an infringement on the party’s constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and expression.

They contend that Bobi Wine’s return is a significant moment for his supporters and that they should be allowed to express their enthusiasm through a peaceful gathering.

The NUP leadership has assured supporters that they are taking necessary measures to ensure the event is well-organized and adheres to all relevant safety protocols.

They have urged participants to remain peaceful and law-abiding during the march. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold.

Will the police maintain their stance and intervene to halt the welcome march, or will NUP’s determination prevail, leading to a peaceful gathering that allows supporters to welcome their leader back home?

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