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NRM party donates UGX 30 Million for Busoga royal wedding

NRM party donates UGX 30 Million for Busoga royal wedding

In a remarkable display of support, the National Resistance Movement ( NRM ) party has made a generous contribution of UGX 30 million towards the highly anticipated Busoga royal wedding scheduled for November,18,2023.

The announcement was made earlier on Tuesday by the NRM Secretary General  Richard Todwong at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

“ As a political party we are profoundly grateful to the Busoga Kingdom for their exceptional hospitality and their pivotal role in fostering a unified Uganda…, “ Todwong said.

Meanwhile the NRM party, known for its dedication to promoting cultural heritage and unity, has recognized the significance of the upcoming Busoga royal wedding and the role it plays in fostering harmony within the region.

By contributing UGX 30 million, the party aims to demonstrate its appreciation for Busoga’s rich cultural traditions and strengthen the bond between the royal family and the people. The generous donation from the NRM party will undoubtedly aid in ensuring that the royal wedding is a resounding success.

However the Katikiro of Busoga Dr Muvawala Joseph acknowledged the ruling NRM party for their deep respect for the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage, exemplified by their significant contribution to the forthcoming royal wedding.

The Busoga royal wedding has garnered much excitement and anticipation, not only within the region but also across the country as It represents a unifying celebration that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to honor and celebrate the heritage of Busoga as Kyabazinga William Gabula IV ties the knot with Jovia Mutesi at Christ Cathedral Church , Bugembe.

Meanwhile the donation serves as a testament to the party’s dedication to supporting initiatives that promote the growth and development of local communities.

The Busoga royal family expressed deep gratitude to the NRM party for its generous contribution. They acknowledged the party’s unwavering support and emphasized the importance of such collaborations in preserving and promoting cultural values.

As the preparations for the Busoga royal wedding continue, the NRM party’s contribution will undoubtedly play a vital role in ensuring that the event is a memorable and cherished experience for all attendees.

It sends a powerful message of solidarity and unity, highlighting the significance of cultural heritage in our society.

The NRM party’s donation of UGX 30 million towards the Busoga royal wedding reflects its commitment to preserving and celebrating cultural traditions. This act of support will contribute to the success of the event and foster a sense of unity and pride among the people of Busoga.

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