Nasty Blaq apologises over sexual harassment skit

Fast-rising Instagram comedian, Nasty Blaq has apologised after his viral comedy skit was deemed to be promoting sexual harassment by social media users.

The skit titled “This Lockdown Has Affected My Eyes” shows the comic act visually undressing and then tricking his beautiful neighbour into his apartment after she begs him for vegetable oil.

After she enters the apartment, he then proceeds to follow her, locking the door behind him with a suggestive smirk on his face.
The video riled many social media users, especially on Twitter, with many tweeps accusing Nasty Blaq of promoting sexual harassment.

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However, the comedian has now apologised, saying his intention was never to promote rape or sexual harassment as alleged.

Nasty Blaq added, “I understand everyone saw the previous skit done and assumed or concluded I was promoting rape.

“I would never do such as I don’t subscribe to the school of thought! I’m human first before being a comedian! I have sisters, siblings and would have daughters of my own, and TO this end I’d never imagine supporting rape or promoting it…

“I’m not a rape apologist! Not everyone would see this or care to read it all, but I needed to clear the air and put this out.

“The skit has a concluding part which we intended on dropping on Friday (as it’s crazy difficult getting chance to shoot due to the government’s directives for lockdown) but seeing how I was maliciously misjudged, I had to drop the skit today barely 12 hours after the first one so you know this isn’t an after-thought but a continuation of what you saw.

“God bless everyone and dear twitter family don’t stop calling me to order if there’s anything I ever do wrong! Your criticism and feedbacks are my biggest learnings.

He also released a concluding part to the video showing that it was all a test conceived by the lady’s boyfriend to test her fidelity.

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