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Muslim families urged to look after themselves

Muslim families urged to look after themselves

The leader of Esso Mosque in Kabale Town Sheikh Rashid Shabohurira while presiding over Eid celebrations at Kirigime headquarters Mosque in Kabale Town tasked the Muslim families in the country to prioritize on the education of their children to safe guard Islam in the country.

He called upon all Muslims to provide their families with necessary daily requirements such as shelter, food, clothing, medical as well as education and called upon the Muslim community to guard their children against homosexuality which he said ruins the Islamic faith.

“ Educate your children and protect them from acts of homosexuality and lesbianism if the Islamic religion is to be strengthened in our country,”Sheikh Shabohurira said.

In addition the chairperson Kirigime ward in Kabale Hamis Salim urged Muslims to continue to pray for God’s divine interventions in fighting corruption in Uganda.

“ We should pray to God that such shame of stealing iron sheets meant for the needy and poor people of Karamoja by the honorable minister should never happen again in our country,” he said.

The same message availed by Dr Nicholas Kamara who also represents the municipality as the MP for Kabale passed over the same message while attending prayers and expressed disappointment over what he said was the selective prosecution of the ministers involved in the iron sheets saga.

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