Museveni builds mega building and self contained houses for SFC commandos.

For staters SFC commandos are deadly,well trained soldiers picked from mainly the west,and other regions after an extensive investigation into their background,they mainly tasked to jealously guard the president,first family members were ever they are and then some close statehouse aides like min kuteesa etc.
While commissioning the new headquarters of the Special Forces Command, named the #GeneralYoweriMuseveniHouse he said he was pleasured and happy for the good work done. Its revealed that the mega houses and complexes have been built by SFC’s construction unit, the complex cost Shs3.48b.
Also commissioned were newly-built well equipped dormitories for soldiers, fully contained renovated houses with free electricity and internet for non-commissioned officers, gun shades and a 30,000-litre fuel pump. These cost Shs1.1b and all the work executed in 23 months..
Among the deadly missions they were seen in was the arua incident that saw Yasin kawuma shot dead and bobiwine beaten to coma,when they were deployed in northern uganda ahead of museveni visit and it was only that time the northerners admitted they slept well with no kony threat,they are always deployed weeks ahead of museveni visit to any area.
They flashed kony rebels for good with the help of The first Son Muhoozi..
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