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Minister Peter Ogwang clash with Secretary Over Power

Minister Peter Ogwang clash with Secretary Over Power

Peter Ogwang the Minister of State for education and sports (SPORTS) and also an Mp for Ngariam has yesterday 19th of January 2023 Exchanged diplomatic massages with the private secretary in charge political mobilization in the president’s office Dan Mulalu over supremacy of leadership.

 Some times, I read people write about Ogwang! I just want to remind them that I’m a round and I will defend the position of the member of Parliament for Ngariam County. Friends I’m still a round and going nowhere. It’s just a reminder to those few who know the truth. Eyalama noi noi. God bless you all, God bless the people of Ngariam!” Ogwang wrote on a local watsup group called katakwi youth Parliament at 20:42 PM, East African time.

 ” this time it’s toes that will be used for running  ” Dan Mulalu replied to the Minister on a social media watsup group.

 ” Welcome to the Ring, and I want Onac meaning brother -Dan and many to come and come and contest with me, I will handle them,” Peter Ogwang posted.

The watsup group that was silent for over 4 hours got hot as the group members charged and harassed Dan Mulalu for the alleged mistakes he committed to some people of Teso and katakwi in Particular

“We want our money that you chopped from Katakwi United SACCO, and by the way, I won’t allow you Dan Mulalu to be nominated in katakwi without paying my money” Emma Onong the group admin of the watsup group said in his response to the discussion.

” Ogwang will fail come 2026″ Opolot Raymond replied to the charged members.

Otukei Stephen said if the issues of lying people is not cleared then Dan has a lot to explain in katakwi.

Patricia Amulen the social media activist said, Ogwang will win any election of Ngariam basing on his working ability.

The hitted discussion took about one hour and a half and started in the morning of the 20th January 2023 for some minutes.

Ogwang in the last election contested with about 9 candidates, he became the first runner with over 16,000 votes, the second runner got about 2,000 votes.

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