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Stalled Negotiations: Meeting between government chief whip and Ssekikubo on censure motion reaches an impasse

Meeting between government chief whip and Ssekikubo on censure motion reaches an impasse

Following a meeting, Ssekikubo and his colleagues address the media, emphasizing that the censure motion can only be halted once the Speaker places it on the order paper. They stress the importance of allowing legislators to debate and make a decision on this crucial matter.

The need for progress becomes a focal point in their pursuit of justice and accountability.

Undeterred by interference and threats, the MPs vow to persevere in collecting signatures for the motion. Ssekikubo acknowledges the challenges they face and reveals their strategy of individually reaching out to fellow MPs who may be subjected to threats or pressure not to sign. Their determination to gather support remains unyielding, as they refuse to bow down to intimidation tactics.

 MPs criticize government chief whip 

The movers of the motion express their disappointment with the government chief whip for failing to convene the NRM Parliamentary Caucus over the past six months to address the issue of corruption within Parliament. They emphasize the urgent need to tackle this problem that has been left unattended.

MP Odria Arion sheds light on their discussions with the chief whip, highlighting the limited focus of the caucus, which only convenes for presidential appointments.

In a bold move, the legislators disclose their intention to seek an appointment with President Museveni. Armed with compelling evidence of corruption within the August House, they assert that the Committee on Ethics and Integrity (CEC) should not make resolutions without hearing directly from the movers of this historic motion. Their determination to ensure their voices are heard drives them to pursue a meeting with the President, recognizing the significance of his involvement in addressing the issue.

NRM’s Buhaguzi East MP supports the motion

Adding an unexpected twist to the ongoing saga, NRM’s Buhaguzi East MP, Stephen Aseera, appends his signature to the motion. This surprising development introduces further complexity to the situation, as the political landscape continues to evolve.

The unity and support within the ranks of the MPs reflect the dynamic nature of the battle against corruption and the unwavering resolve of those involved.

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