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Emyooga empowers women in Bukedi region: Breaking socio-economic barriers

Emyooga empowers women in Bukedi region: Breaking socio-economic barriers

In the historically patriarchal society of Bukedi Region, women have long faced socio-economic challenges, such as limited access to financial resources and opportunities for growth. However, a transformative program called Emyooga has shattered cultural barriers that relegated women to the role of homemakers.

Now, these women are recognized as breadwinners within their households, overcoming stereotypes and seizing new avenues for success.

Grace Dwo, a resident of Paya Village, Paya Sub-county, Tororo District, and treasurer of the West Budaama East Welders Sacco, embodies the empowerment brought about by Emyooga. Breaking gender norms, Dwo ventured into the male-dominated field of welding, defying societal expectations.

As a result, she not only earns a substantial income but also provides for her children’s education and supports her family. Dwo’s success story exemplifies the transformative impact of Emyooga in empowering women to pursue unconventional paths.

Emyooga’s role in Grace Dwo’s journey

Before Emyooga, Grace Dwo faced financial limitations that prevented her from starting her own business. However, with the support of Emyooga, everything changed for her. With access to affordable capital through the Sacco, Dwo could invest in a welding machine and establish a thriving business in the town center.

The low-interest rate of 8% per annum facilitated her loan repayment, enabling her to save and expand her ventures, including cattle keeping. Dwo’s story serves as an inspiration to all women to join Saccos and seize the opportunities offered by Emyooga.

Amanda Josephine Omala, another beneficiary of Emyooga, credits Minister Haruna Kasolo and the Microfinance Support Centre for their impactful training programs. Omala highlights the positive societal impact of women gaining financial independence.

With newfound capital, women are now actively engaging in income-generating businesses, fostering growth within their communities. Omala’s fish business not only sustains her family but also enables her to support a future doctor’s education, illustrating the ripple effect of Emyooga’s empowerment.

Emyooga has played a vital role in providing women in the Bukedi Region with financial assistance, training, and essential resources through their respective Saccos. This comprehensive support system empowers women to establish and grow their individual enterprises, fostering economic independence and sustainable livelihoods. By focusing on both capital and intellectual resources, Emyooga enables women to leverage local assets and transform their lives from within.

 Eradicating poverty through economic engagement

Emphasising the importance of harnessing this opportunity, Minister Haruna Kasolo urges the utilization of Emyooga to eradicate poverty within households. He underlines the government’s commitment to providing affordable capital to facilitate business growth and empower all Ugandans economically.

Kasolo’s vision is to see every citizen engaged in productive economic activities, breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering a prosperous society.

This stance reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the program and ensuring that Emyooga’s benefits continue to uplift and empower individuals.

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