Meet Lanie Banks, A Canadian Based Ugandan Fast Rising Rapper

Meet Lanie Banks, A Canadian Based Ugandan Fast Rising Rapper

Micheal Osings (born October, 10,1996), better known by his stage name Lanie Banks is a Canadian-Ugandan Rapper, song writer and music video director who was apparently born in the eastern district of Mbale, Uganda. He initially gained recognition in when he performed at Club Venom located in Kampala head to head with an established Ugandan artist named Pallaso Mayanja on September 19th 2015 at the NANSU AWARDS. This event was organized by the National Association of Nigerian Students in Uganda.

Right from his childhood, Osings had always involved himself in music related fields and activities like Karaoke, dancing scripts and song writing. He was also a member of the Sunday school choir headed by Pastor Bill Binaster from the Toronto Christian Outreach Programme.

In December 2015, Osings decided to Venture into the music recording world and successfully recorded his singles that include; Tondopa, My Moment and My Girl. These records were aimed at supporting his forth coming EP album Chain of emotion.

As a child apparently osings attended Nabuyonga Primary School where he scored a first grade. He moved on Mbale Secondary School and due to teenage flamboyance almost failed but managed to attain his Uganda Certificate of Education (U.C.E), However , he later relocated to Kampala for further studies where he joined St John’s College but got expelled just after two terms of learning shortly after his expulsion, his parents managed  to secure him a vacancy at St. Peters S.S.S Naalya (SPENA) , He finally attained his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E) , here he scored  3 principal passes and 2 Subsidiary Passes . He got admitted and completed his final semester at Makerere University, Kampala (MUK), College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Majoring in the discipline of Sociology under Bachelor of Social work and Social Administration.

He then relocated to Toronto, Ontario where he is currently situated.

Musical Career

2011 to 2013

Accompanied by close friends and henchmen that included Andre (now Daddy Andre), Shanks, Atlas the African and Mighty son and any more back in the day, Osings Micheal used to perform in numerous bars and clubs that included Cheri pub,Lasvegas and many others around Kampala hoping to be spotted by talent scouts but this did not work because he had no recorded music at the time. Though he was younger he still had the courage to lead the group.

2013 to 2015

Osings  later on met Kaz Kasozi a Jazz and Classic music artist who was working at the Uganda Cultural Centre (National Theartre) and Bayimba Uganda. Kaz Kasozi invited Osings for music classes were he learned how to write professional songs and scripts, his other teacher at the same project was a guest from Switzerland named Maloui Klassien. Osings recalls Maloui Klassien telling him that if he put effort in his art it could take him to places and from that day forward he has never looked back. He strongly believes that on the road to stardom it’s either you go hard or you go home. Basing on this slogan, it is clearly evident that Osings will never take the road back to his home and is striving for excellence in his musical career day by day in the far and deep horizons of Canada.



Lanie Banks  is currently married to Nabududa Peace a Magale native, he was born  to Mrs. Irene Wondo (Mother) and Mr. Osings Didmus (Father). He is the second last born in a family of five that includes; Caro, Calvin, Justine and Job Isaac

Health Issues

Osings broke his leg in a fatal accident where he was knocked over by a speeding car. He got hospitalized at Mbale Hospital for about six months and missed out  two terms of attending school in Primary three. However, he never died though he recalls and says that it was a near death experience

Legal Issues

In 2013, Osings was scammed by anonymous companies that claimed to helpout new artists, he paid Ugandan shs 500,000 equivalent to about 160 dollars on the offensive side of the Law, he has no major legal issues except frequent arrests for moving, travelling at night without an identification card and driving license.

Present Life

Currently , Osings Micheal is also known as Lanie Banks and is kicking it to reach horizons where only a few Ugandan rappers have, he says most Ugandan music is not professional and is usually overrated by the local masses and is looking forward to address this issue in the near future. He had meetings and dealings with other international acts like Tory Lanez (canada), Davido (nigeria).

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