Mart Barber to Pay 200M to Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema as Damages

Kampala High court  has been asked to order a celebrity barber, Martin Shafat Ssaku of Mart barber hair studio to pay shs200 million as damages to singer Bebe cool and his wife Zuena Kirema Ssali for allegedly defaming them regarding non-payment of salon or barber fees.

Bebe Cool and Zuena

Bebe cool accuses Mart barber studio of using his wife’s motion images to advertise hair cut services on its social media pages without the family’s consent but merely to illicitly enrich the saloon.

According to the  social media posts that Zuena and Bebe Cool find offensive , Ssaku contends the couple is maintaining a high -end lifestyle yet they cannot afford given that  the couple owes him (barber ) over shs3 million which they have refused to pay.

Zuena and Bebe now claim Ssaku’s posts portrayed them as bad character people, stupid and unable to honour their debts.

The court’s registrar is yet to issue summons ordering Ssaku to file his response.

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