Man Beaten by Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kahamba kuteesa dies

The elderly man who was yesterday beaten to pulp by Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kuteesa security detail urged Ssembabule voters to boycott Shartis Musherure in tomorrow’s NRM party primaries for the Mawogola county.

The visibly weakened man in his late 50’s made a strong will in the final moments of his life where he narrated his ordeal. He said he had been beaten by bodyguards of Sam Kuteesa who plucked out his teeth with pliers. “The Kuteesas are killers, president Museveni should help us and withdraw security from Kuteesa. He is using it to kill people he disagrees with,” remarked the deceased victim in a footage trending on social media. “President Museveni should know that Ssembabule will join Bobi Wine because of his monstrous Minister Kuteesa,” he added.

While revealing his ordeal, the man said Kuteesa had directed his bodyguards to make it appear that the deceased had succumbed to a motorcycle accident. “They removed all my teeth to lie to the world that I’ve died in an accident. I smartly blacked out to give my captors an assumption that I was already dead,” he said. “They dumped my unconscious body in the forest and abandoned me there,” he added.

The chaotic scenes ensuing in the Mawogola county poll have invited a heavy joint security deployment in the entire Ssembabule district. The RPC Abaine Enock says they have deployed two police officers backed by a UPDF soldier at every trading centre. Reports we are getting indicate that even all the warfare UPDF trucks and teargas vehicles are encamped in Ssembabule ahead of tomorrow’s primaries. Police say they will investigate and apprehend all the implicated people manning the violence and deaths of civilians.

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