Kibalama turns against Bobi Wine, I want my Party Back

The NUP President, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has come out to dismiss reports that he obtained the NUP party illegally.


This comes after aa video of Mr. Nkonge Moses Kibalama and Mr. Ssimbwa Paul Kagombe speaking about the affairs of the National Unity Platform and claiming that Bobi Wine didn’t fulfill the promises he made to them.




However, Bobi Wine says that this is a tactic that is being used by Museveni to disrupt their activities towards bringing change in the country.



“This is yet another attempt by Gen. Museveni’s regime to derail our progress in the struggle for freedom and democracy,” he wrote in his statement.


Bobi Wine adds that all efforts to reach out to Mr. Nkonge Moses Kibalama and Mr. Ssimbwa  have been futile.


“For several days now, Mr. Kibalama’s phones have been off. That of Ssimbwa has been on and off. When it is on, it is picked by someone who identifies himself as a solider and claims that they have him in custody,” he says.


He also explains that the matter was taken to court only to find out that Mr KIBALAMA had signed two different affidavits, something that was very suspicious.



“On Monday this week, our legal team went to court. Both Kibalama and Ssimbwa had sworn and signed affidavits opposing the case brought against us and the Party. To our shock, when we got to court, we found another strange and suspicious lawyer who had other two affidavits ostensibly signed by Kibalama and Ssimbwa! The learned judge wondered how the same individuals could sign two contradictory affidavits,” he narrated.


Bobi Wine has also dismissed claims made by Mr KIBALAMA. According to KIBALAMA, he was promised five million US dollars ($5m) for transferring the party leadership.


“In a very shameful way, Mr. Kibalama states that we promised to pay him five million US dollars ($5m) for transferring the party leadership. Treat this with the contempt it deserves. We are aware that for a very long time, the regime in Uganda has tried to portray us as people who get lots of money from foreigners! “Bobi Wine said.


Bobi Wine has assured his party members that the party ownership was legally acquired and nothing can stop it from going on with its activities.

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