I will win the elections and the army will salute me, Gen Tumukunde on NBS Breeze

Presidential aspirant and former Security Minister, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has said that he is the one giving President Museveni sleepless nights not Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine as many people might think.

General Tumukunde Henry

Appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze show on Wednesday morning, Tumukunde said Ugandans will be shocked to see him taking over the leadership of this country given the fact that his method of operation is different.

“I am the one causing sleepless nights in this general election not Bobi Wine. People know me. They know Tumukunde as far as I am concerned that is what matters,”he said.

He said If one wants to defeat President Museveni, he or she needs to do so decisively.

“The NRM elections reflected very clear that President Museveni is at his weakest. The question is; how shall this reflect when he is taken on by other opponents?” he noted.

He however questioned how the Electoral Commission shall ensure that the election is free and fair.

“It is a rainy season. You are using a car, and your opponent, who has been in government for 35 years, uses a helicopter and has taken all the billboards in Kampala. Are we having free and fair elections? The mathematics is clear,”he said.

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“Even in America, no one is too sure that the Electoral Commission is in charge of elections.The opposition should concentrate on guarding the polling stations,”he advised.

Although many people have been accusing the army of being partisan,Tumukunde said Ugandans should not worry because the army will be on the side of anybody who wins the elections.

Tumukunde said there has been several attempts by the security personnel to arrest him but he has made sure that it does not happen.

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