Good News for Donald Trump, US votes to be Recounted

United States of America Election has really been trending since ever the voting was concluded, and since then, many states have been counted and from all indications, the two powerful politicians, President Donald Trump and Former Vice president, Joe Biden are left in the race. Till now, the winner of the 2020 United States of America Election is yet to be announced.

Many states have been counted, According to reports, 45 out of 50 states have been counted and Joe Biden is in the lead. But one of the states which gave Joe Biden some margins over the current president, Donald Trump, Georgia is said to be recounted and from the way it seems, things might not go down well with his supporters.

It is really a sad news on the side of Joe Biden and his supporters, as something which is already assured will suddenly vanish in the thin air and things becomes normal, many have seen how tougher this American Election has been, and have predicted the Election in favour of Joe Biden Because he has remained on top, gapping Donald Trump with a high margin, and he is seen as being closer to the seat of power in White house and any other candidates.

Though Joe Biden is leading and it is considered that one of the states he won over is Georgia. From the votes in Georgia, Joe Biden won the state by a very thin margin, he has 2,455,426 votes which is about 49.4 % while Donald Trump has 2,451,191 votes which is about 49.3%. and as you can see, the margin is very tiny and if recounted, one might be favoured over the other.

From the reports, Winning the election in the state (Georgia) is What has been considered to have given Joe Biden the 264 electoral votes that he has today. Just hours ago, BBC reporter called Larry Madowo, has given an update about how Georgia announced that there would be a recount of votes in the presidential election.

The elections in that state (Georgia) has been counted and sealed before now, but due to some allegation, coming from the current president of America, Donald Trump, the secretary of state is investigating into the matter and very soon, things will manifest for a proper decision to be taken.

Donald Trump made a tweet some hours ago and it’s about some military missing ballot, and again, Larry Madowo gave a response to the tweet, saying that the votes are already been counted and that there’s no missing ballots anywhere as claimed by the Donald Trump.

According to the election officials, Joe Biden leads by 1,585 votes, but still, the thing is that the whole votes needs to be counted again as to be very sure and to be very Clear to all that all the votes are counted and are accounted for.


The whole recounting issue has really pose a great threat on Joe Biden’s celebration of being closer to White House, and now, all eyes must be on ground concerning Georgia Votes counting, and as it is, it really a good news to Donald Trump, his party and supporters as things may turn around and favour Trump, because this time, examination and thorough questioning and investigation will be made during recounting process.

What do you say of this, do you think recounting Georgia votes will favour President Donald Trump.? Air your view on this matter by leaving a message on the comment section below and share this post with people.

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