Every Town in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania to have President Kagame and Museveni Statue.

Senior Presidential Advisor on special operations Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has suggested that every town in Uganda and Tanzania should have statues of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni, Rwanda President Paul Kagame, Gen Salim Saleh and the late Fred Rwigyema.


According to the First son, the four are some of the greatest military heroes in the history of Africa and they ought to be rewarded for their contributions towards the liberation struggle in Uganda and Rwanda.


“The greatest military heroes in Africa’s history. Generals Museveni, Saleh, Rwigyema and Kagame. They achieved the impossible. We should build statues in their honour in every town in Uganda and Rwanda,” Gen Muhoozi said in a tweet on Thursday.


This is not the first controversial tweet from the first son in praise of his father and other bush war generals.


Last month, Muhoozi said the First Family’s Bachwezi ancestry made them bold and undefeatable. He further said that his father Museveni and the last king of Nkore were “the last two ‘Bachwezi’ in history!”


He added that former President Milton Obote made a mistake to undermine Museveni and that he (Obote) “should have surrendered immediately” because “nobody on earth can defeat ‘Bachwezi”.


“I was privileged to have been loved and brought up by the last true ‘Muchwezi’ in Uganda. He was my uncle. He was called Fred Nkuranga Rubereza. He taught me that ‘It was a lovely life if lived with great courage and to die leaving an everlasting fame,” Muhoozi said.

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