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Empowering boda Boda riders in fight against gender-based violence

Empowering boda Boda riders in fight against gender-based violence

In an inspiring collaboration, WIPE-UGANDA, a non-governmental organization dedicated to combating gender-based violence (GBV), has joined forces with boda boda riders, harnessing their potential as catalysts for social change.

Under the visionary leadership of WIPE-UGANDA Executive Director, Ms. Christine Mutesi Magezi, this unique partnership aims to address and eradicate GBV in our communities.

Recognizing the significant role that boda boda riders play in our society, WIPE-UGANDA has embraced these commercial cyclists as transformational agents against this pervasive issue.

Through their extensive presence and influence within the community, boda boda riders possess a remarkable ability to raise awareness and promote a culture of respect and gender equality.

Ms. Christine Mutesi Magezi, the dedicated and passionate Executive Director of WIPE-UGANDA, has spearheaded this groundbreaking initiative, empowering boda boda riders to become active participants in the fight against GBV. By engaging them in educational programs and training sessions, WIPE-UGANDA equips these riders with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and respond to instances of GBV.

One of the primary objectives of this collaboration is to challenge harmful social norms and stereotypes that perpetuate GBV. WIPE-UGANDA understands that it is crucial to involve the entire community in this transformative journey. By partnering with boda boda riders, who represent a diverse cross-section of society, WIPE-UGANDA aims to foster a collective sense of responsibility and solidarity in addressing GBV.

Through their daily interactions with passengers and community members, boda boda riders have the potential to act as change agents, promoting respectful behaviors and challenging harmful attitudes towards women and girls.

WIPE-UGANDA believes that by harnessing this untapped potential, we can create a society that is intolerant of GBV and empowers individuals to speak out against it.

Ms. Christine Mutesi Magezi’s unwavering commitment to this cause is inspiring. Her leadership and vision have paved the way for this innovative partnership, which has the potential to make a lasting impact in the fight against GBV. By bridging the gap between the boda boda riders and the fight against GBV, WIPE-UGANDA is fostering a sense of ownership and collective responsibility.

WIPE-UGANDA’s collaboration with boda boda riders marks a significant milestone in the battle against GBV. By recognizing the potential of these commercial cyclists as agents of change, WIPE-UGANDA is forging a path towards a safer and more inclusive society.

Through education, awareness, and collective action, this partnership is poised to make a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals affected by GBV. Together, let us ride towards a future free from gender-based violence.

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