Bobi Wine was beaten by a teacher for putting on an expensive shoe at 10 years.

‏It was in 1992 when the young man in Kanoni Gomba thought of buying himself his first pair of shoes at the age of 10!.

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine while he was at 9 years, he grew cotton which earned him some good money by then and he decided to buy a goat which he reared for some good months.

When his father the late Jackson Wellington Ssentamu  had a journey to the city, the young man (Kyagulanyi) gave him his goat to go and sell it so that on returning to village he could go to the owino market to buy for him a pair of shoes and stockings.

After bringing them,  the next  day Kyagulanyi put on the very expensive shoe and went to school, Because the shoe was unique at the school even the teachers at the school didn’t have them, Kyagulanyi Sentamu became the topic of the day.

Bobi Wine’s old photo (the one in the middle), in his first pair of shoes

He was beaten up by the teacher for wearing an expensive shoe
“We studied in a big room which comprised of different classrooms, I was in primary five and the room had P4, P5, P6 when the teacher in the other class asked the question I remember it was about who discovered the source of River Nile, and all the students didn’t knew the answer yet for me I did, so I turned on my back and said the answer correctly. The angry teacher called me and he beats me 3 strokes, on seeing my shoes, he added on 7 strokes saying that I was showing off. He then called my father and I was forced to remove my shoes” – Bobi Wine

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