Bobi Wine on Police deathlist as ambushed again

On Sunday, Afande Abraham Asiimwe who came into the spotlight a few months back when he broke into Bobi’s vehicle and pepper sprayed his eyes, again struck with a similar style attack.

Just as the NUP presidential candidate advanced to Mbale city, ASP Asiimwe individually pelted a teargas canister inside Bobi’s car and unleashed terror on whoever was in company of the procession. The teargas canister evoked plumes of smoke that almost killed Hon. Kyagulanyi in suffocation. Below is his recount of the incident that ensued on Sunday.

Moments after a teargas canister was thrown inside the car in which we were travelling! Mr. Asiimwe Abraham who previously nearly blinded me with pepper spray personally threw the canister inside my car, and looked on with satisfaction as we all suffered under the weight of teargas! He used extreme, extreme force on our supporters who were peacefully marching towards the venue of our meeting. I can confidently say that the bulk of the officers are not hateful and don’t even like doing the kinds of things they do, but if you keenly observe these events, there is usually a clique of three to four people who give orders to their juniors to commit these crimes, and that small clique is never motivated by any law, but by hate and the desire to help Gen. Museveni keep a firm grip over our country which he thinks of as his empire.

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Too bad for them, #WeAreRemovingADictator

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