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Arua Officials Seize Substandard Cement

Arua Officials Seize Substandard Cement

In an effort to safeguard consumer interests and ensure adherence to quality standards, Arua authorities recently took decisive action by confiscating a batch of close to 80 bags of underweight cement.

The concerned officials, working in collaboration with relevant regulatory bodies conducted series of complaints from buyers who have been cheated 10 kgs on each bag of cement by these unscrupulous dealers for long.

During routine inspections conducted by the authorities, it was discovered that a consignment of cement failed to meet the required weight specifications.

The councillor for Pangisa Upper Victor Lomari Vidal who was part of the team said the vendors of fake cement had been warned before but continued with their dubious acts forcing them to swing into action.

Meanwhile this finding raised concerns about the integrity and durability of structures built with such substandard cement, as it could compromise the safety of buildings and infrastructure.

By recognizing the potential risks associated with the use of underweight cement, authorities swiftly acted to protect consumers and maintain the quality of construction projects.

Meanwhile the confiscated cement will undergo further analysis to determine its composition and ascertain whether it meets established quality standards.

This proactive approach by Arua authorities aims to enforce compliance with regulations and prevent the proliferation of substandard construction materials within the market.

By taking prompt action, they send a clear message to suppliers and distributors that any attempts to distribute underweight cement will not be tolerated.

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