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Uganda celebrates International day for biodiversity by planting trees in Mabira forest

Uganda celebrates International day for biodiversity by planting trees in Mabira forest

Uganda as it’s known for its stunning natural beauty and rich in biodiversity joined the world in celebrating the international day for biodiversity with a tree planting event in Mabira forest led by the National Environmental Management Authority.

However this initiative was aimed to restore and protect the vital ecosystem of the forest.

As NEMA executive director Barirega Akankwasah stated,….”Biodiversity is facing various threats and one of the biggest is habitat loss, plastic pollution and climate change.

We are here to work with partners to say enough is enough and do the restoration and restore Mabira forest.”

In addition Tom Obong Okello the National Forestry Authority executive director emphasized the significance of this forest stating that Mabira forest was gazetted for purposes of water management and biodiversity conservation over the years it had been demarcated.

Meanwhile this collective effort was aimed to restore and preserve the forest’s biodiversity which plays a critical role in ecosystem, restoration, including water, air, soil erosion control, flood prevention and climate change mitigation.

Uganda’s commitment to preserve its natural heritage is evident through initiatives like tree planting event in Mabira forest.

The event promoted the campaign # Build Back Biodiversity emphasizing the urgent need to protect and restore nature.

As the world is facing pressing environmental challenges individuals and organisations must act.

Meanwhile the International day for biodiversity is celebrated on May 22 each year raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the need for its conservation.

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