Top 10 richest Ugandan artists in 2020.

Many of the Ugandan artists have managed to collect, save and invest in different businesses in the money they get from their funs both local and international, although they are so many artist who financially are well, we at Fremer Media we have managed to bring to you the top 10 richest Ugandan artist in the year 2020. And the list is as follow.

10. Eddy Yawe.
He is so popular because of his unique voice, he is one of the musicians in Uganda with few songs but because he gives them time, they trend for a long time. He is a professional journalist and a businessman.
He owns a house located in Kireka.

9. Haruna Mubiru
Hajji Haruna Is known for His hard Work. He was was one of the founding members Of Eagles Production he worked and Excelled with The Group but after a while he moved on And decided To establish an independent private production in the Names of a kream Production. He’s in to real estate and he has built a number of flats in the city and top of that he owns a very expensive home and a fleet of cars.

8. Banjo man

Events organiser Banjo Man, is one of the pioneer members of the Firebase crew and He is Bobi Wine’s young brother. Banjo Man has accumulated alot of wealth through entrepreneurship.He owns a string of rental houses,  farms and a number of pool tables in and around the city.

7. Mesach Semakula

He’s One of the Founders Of the Then Eagles Production and one of its top directors.  Ssemakula is currently exercising His music passion at Golden Band Production. Sir Meseach Ssemakula owns Kann Studio which is one the Prominent music recording Studio in uganda. He is into Real estate as He owns a number of Apartments on different parts across the country together with papaz sport restaurant in makidye

6. Geofry Lutaaya
He Is One of The Key Founders Of the prominent music Production “Eagles Production” after separating with his friends, him and his wife Irene Namatovu went ahead and Established  a new music empire “The New Eagles” with its name derived from the former “eagles production”

He’s into Hospitality business, He owns two motels and one hotel plus a club. He owns an expensive house and a fleet of cars. Lutaaya and His wife owns a number of Other land Properties his hard work is Still Earning.

5. Ragga Dee

He said to be the first Musician in Uganda to import the most expensive car when He acquired  a Hummer in 2006. He’s into Real estate and owns record label called Buggie Empire.

He owns 6 gradors, a very large piece of land together with different flats in the city. He is also a good businessman.

4. Eddy Kenzo
Kenzo is one of the few musicians in Uganda that have managed to export ugandan music industry in Africa and to entire world. He owns a fleet of expensive cars including two Range Rover Sport, Lanndcruser, BMW together with his expensive house worth 500 ugandan millions.  Eddy kenzo has won a number of music Awards including the BET Award Making him the favorite ugandan musician to sell to the world. He is the most highly rated musician in Uganda and he is mouthwatering projects with big Companies including Airtel and he was the ambassador of tourism sector in Uganda. Mr kenzo owns an expensive home and a number of property making him one of the richest musician in uganda.

3. Bebe Cool

The self proclaimed Big size is a good friend of president Museveni and born of a rich family whose father served as a minister in a period of 2004 but later resigned and announced his  intentions of standing up for the presidential sit in 2011. Bebe Cool was a popular figure in the campaign of President museveni something that has just won Him a monster landcluser V8. model 2019, zero mileage estimated price 600m ugx. He has endorsement with Several Companies including Coke studio Africa, Airtel and Uganda Cranes. He operates a record Label into the Names of Gagamel Music and he’s a real estate investor.  In addition to his Brand new landcluser, Bebe cool owns a fleet of other cars including Hammer.

2. Jose Chameleon
Jose chameleon practices ranching and and crop growing on a large scale. He owns a private Beach along the showers on Lane victoria Called CoCo Beach, He’s into Real estate including the prestigious Daniella Villas Apartments. He owns a fleet of luxury cars, Shoes, mansions across the country, in Rwanda and USA. Chameleon has two records for Hosting The most expensive events in East Africa as well as Hosting the largest concert with an attendance of more than 4000pax. He is also hoping to go into mayorship race come 2021.

1. Bobi Wine
He is and example of “From nothing to something’ after starting his career as a street ghetto youth and now he is a the richest artist in Uganda. He has investments in real Estate being the Owner of Semakokilo Plaza and other apartments in Nagulu, Kanoni Gomba. He is also into Commercial Farming on large scale and owns a prominent Beach along the Showers of Lake Victoria Called One Love Beach. He is into transportation business as he owns a number of Taxis, Boda bodas, yacht and a speedboat. He owns a fleet of luxury cars. He owns an expensive House sited on a vast land of four acres in Magere.
He is currently the member of parliament for Kyadondo East and a presidential hopefull in 2021.

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