Talk To God With These Powerful Prayers This Morning

Good morning everyone, how was your last night, hope you slept well? yeah! I guess you did. It a new day and a new morning and Bible said that joy comes in the morning, and Bible also said that, they that are filled with joy are filled with praise for in the present of the Lord there is a fullness of joy.



It a good thing to wake up seeing another brand new day and it’s also a good thing to commit the brand new day into God’s hands, so this morning I will be dropping some Powerful Morning Prayers to start this day, set your blessings for the day ahead and commit your going out today into God’s hands, for he said in his word that he shall protect our going out and our coming in.



However, Below Are Some Key Prayer Point To Commit Today Into Success.

“Say this powerful prayer points this morning before leaving your house this morning”.



1. Lord Jesus, I ask for your infinite mercy upon my life, I know I am a sinner, forgive me all my trespasses and deliver me from every unrighteousness, In Jesus Name, Amen.




2. Lord Jesus, I give you praise for another new morning like this that you have made me seen, I slept last night but last night wasn’t the end of me, thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of life that you’ve given me and my family.



3. Father, I commit this day that you have created into you able hands, Lord may you pilot the affair of today’s activities, may you protects my going out and my coming in today, In Jesus Name, Amen.

4. Lord Jesus, I commit by daily activities today in your hands, that whatever am going to do through out this day, may it be centered around you, the food I’ll eat and the water I’ll drink, I declare them blessed, Whatsoever I touch today I declare it blessed, In Jesus Name, Amen.



5. Father, just as you gave your servant, King Solomon, wisdom to rule your people, Lord I pray that may you give me wisdom to handle every single thing that will comes my way today, In Jesus Name, Amen.




6. Father, when the children of Israel were in the land of Egypt, you were with them as a pillar of cloud in the day and a pillar of fire at night, Lord by you be by me as a pillar of cloud through this day, In Jesus Name, Amen.



7. Lord, a pray that may this new day, today been 2nd of July 2020, may it be a day of favour, a day of blessing, success, happiness, breakthrough, upliftment, progress, Divine intervention, restoration and a day of new beginning, In Jesus Name, Amen.

Bible said they that have prayed and have received, so be it according to their faith. Therefore I declare favoured this morning in Jesus name.



Type an ‘Amen’ in the comments section to redeem your prayer request.


Believe and with faith it is establish.

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