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Tale of betrayal: Husband’s arrow pierces wife’s trust

Tale of betrayal Husband's arrow pierces wife's trust

In a shocking twist of fate, a man’s heart turned sinister, leading him to commit an unthinkable act against his own wife.  The man on the run is Patrick Owiny, alias Ocaya, a 53-year-old retired soldier who is wanted for attempting to murder his wife, Grace Apio 51, with a bow and arrow.

This harrowing incident unfolded  when an arrow, released from his bow, found its mark in his beloved’s eye. The pain of physical injury was only the beginning, as the true extent of this man’s treachery soon came to light.

Once the arrow had found its target, the assailant, overcome by a wave of malice, committed an act of betrayal that would forever stain their union. With a heart gripped by greed, he seized the opportunity to rob his own wife, leaving her vulnerable and wounded.

This occurred on January 24 in the Abim West cell, and evidence gathered thus far indicates that on that day, Patrick Owiny and a man named David Ongom were gambling at the victim’s shop, Grace Apio, where Ongom won all of the money belonging to Patrick, the victim’s husband

As the authorities delve deeper into this dark tale, questions abound. What could have driven this man to such drastic measures?

Was it a desperate attempt to fulfill his own selfish desires, or was there a hidden motive lurking beneath the surface? The investigation aims to uncover the truth behind this incomprehensible act of violence and deceit.

This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of trust within relationships and the depths to which one’s actions can descend. May it also serve as a call for greater empathy and understanding in a world that sometimes forgets the value of compassion.

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