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Shs 689M Bribery Case: Bail Hearing Scheduled For Today, Says OPM Engineers

Shs 689M Bribery Case Bail Hearing Scheduled For Today, Says OPM Engineers

The bail hearing for the Shs 689M bribery case involving engineers from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is set to take place today. This development comes after the engineers were accused of accepting a bribe worth Shs 689.

The engineers who are alleged to have received the money from various service providers as a reward for contracts, applied for bail before the Anti corruption court in Kampala on Tuesday, September 5 2023.

The accused engineers identified as Dathan Nuwagaba Kahima(37)and the district engineering assistant under the same project Mrs Pamela Besigye who have been identified as employees of the OPM, are expected to appear in court for the bail hearing.

Meanwhile the shs 689m bribery case has attracted significant attention due to the substantial amount of money involved and the alleged involvement of government officials.

The engineers are facing charges of corruption, specifically for accepting the bribe in exchange for providing favorable treatment or influencing decision-making processes within their jurisdiction.

However the court will determine the validity of these charges during the bail hearing. Efforts to combat corruption within the public sector have been ongoing, aiming to promote transparency and accountability.

The OPM has previously pledged its commitment to upholding these principles and taking strong action against any form of corruption or malpractice. Due to the sensitivity of the case, the outcome of the bail hearing will undoubtedly be closely monitored by the public.

The court will be under scrutiny to deliver a fair and just decision, ensuring that those involved are held accountable for their actions if found guilty.

The case serves as a reminder of the importance of honest and ethical conduct in serving the public interest. It is crucial for government officials to maintain their integrity and avoid any behavior that might erode public trust.

As the bail hearing commences, it is hoped that justice will prevail and that any guilty individuals will be held accountable.

This will send a strong message that corruption will not be tolerated within Uganda’s public sector, and that those found guilty will face appropriate consequences.

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