PR Fired for Standing Against Bobi Wine

Medi Moore a Ugandan Tycoon basing in South Africa terminated his Assistant Contract because of losing respect for Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.


This came after several posts that this PR has been updating on his boss timeline while ordering those that attacks him to press the block button.

Here is the Post that caused troubles to the PR


  Ashburg Katto IN MY OPINION:

We must stop pretending but it’s a very big gap that he has left in people power

Most of you started liking bobi wine recently but he has been with bobi wine for years. At first I was angry about his decision but then I realized he is above 18.

He knows bobi wine in and out and what I suggest instead of spitting fire we must calm down and preach to him. One by one makes a bundle we abused full figure and that was it, we have abused so many people that have crossed the line. So we end up losing people and support

The only weakness I see in people power supporters is quick reaction and we like attacking whoever is on the other side. If Ashburg was nothing M7 was not gonna buy him with cows as he says

My clear advise to bobi wine he must not turn a deaf ear towards such things. At the end of the day some minor issues will become a big issue.


If you hate me it’s your choice but that’s the real truth we like attacking and abusing people forgetting that in order for bobi wine to win the elections, he needs those people you abuse to vote for him.




When we contacted Medi Moore he told us that he has been receiving calls about what is happening on social media which forced him to fire his Media Assistant.

Medi Moore made a post to confirm this;

From now on I have fired my social media admin and I will be running my page my self.



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