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Over 300 injured and 60 lives lost in a week due to road accidents

Over 300 injured and 60 lives lost in a week due to road accidents

In a tragic week marked by a surge in road accidents, more than 300 individuals have been injured and 60 lives have been lost. The rising toll has raised concerns about road safety and the urgent need for preventive measures.

However these incidents, spread across various regions, have left families devastated and communities in mourning as their frequency and severity of these accidents highlight the pressing need for increased efforts to address the underlying causes.

While addressing the weekly media briefing at police headquarters at Naguru traffic police spokesman Micheal Kananura said some of these crashes were attributed to speeding and unnecessary over taking .

He urged motorists to first asses the speed of the vehicle they are going to overtake and not to exceed the speed limit.

He further added that motorists shouldn’t overtake at Zebra crossing, junctions , top hills, sharp bends and railway crossings .

Meanwhile road accidents can have numerous causes, ranging from driver error and reckless behavior to poor road conditions and inadequate infrastructure.

Furthermore, authorities play a crucial role in ensuring road safety. They focus on implementing and enforcing traffic regulations, conducting regular vehicle inspections, and improving road infrastructure.

This includes properly maintaining roads, installing clear signage, and implementing traffic calming measures where necessary.

Additionally public awareness campaigns also play a significant role in promoting road safety.

Educational programs and initiatives should be developed to educate the public about safe driving practices, the importance of adhering to traffic laws, and the potential consequences of reckless behavior.

In addition to preventive measures, emergency response systems should be strengthened to minimize the loss of life and provide timely medical assistance to accident victims.

This includes equipping hospitals and emergency services with the necessary resources and training to handle road accident casualties effectively.

According to the health ministry Uganda spends over 7.5trillion on the treatment of road crash and boat accident victims every year .

The recent surge in road accidents serves as a stark reminder that road safety is a shared responsibility and requires collaboration among individuals, authorities, and relevant stakeholders.

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