NWSC puts Masaka hospital on spot over Shs 200m bill

NWSC puts Masaka hospital on spot over Shs 200m bill

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation ( NWSC ) has issued a warning to Masaka hospital over an outstanding bill of Shs 200 million for water and sewerage services.

According to NWSC, the hospital has failed to pay its water bills for several years, resulting in a huge debt that is putting a strain on the corporation’s finances. The corporation has now put the hospital on notice, stating that it will be forced to take legal action if the bill is not paid in full.

According to Mr Tumushime Charles the Masaka hospital administrator the uncleared water bill currently stands at Shs 251 million.

“ we owe NWSC Shs 251 million which has accumulated in one year. So we have to wait for a bailout from the government because our budget for water every year is only Shs 172m ,” he said in an interview on Friday

The hospital, on the other hand, has disputed the amount owed, claiming that it has been overcharged for services that it did not receive. The hospital management has also accused NWSC of failing to provide adequate water supply, which has led to frequent water shortages and forced the hospital to rely on expensive alternatives.

This dispute between NWSC and Masaka hospital highlights the ongoing challenges faced by both public utilities and health institutions in Uganda. With limited resources and competing demands, it can be difficult for these organizations to meet all of their financial obligations.

However, it is important for all parties to work together to find a satisfactory that is fair and sustainable in the long term.

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