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Members of parliament raise concerns over NAADS’ irregular procurement practices

Members of parliament raise concerns over NAADS' irregular procurement practices

Members of Parliament have recently voiced their concerns regarding the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) over allegations of irregular procurement practices. The lawmakers argue that these irregularities have raised questions about the transparency and accountability of NAADS in executing its mandate.

During a parliamentary session several MPs expressed their dissatisfaction with NAADS’ procurement processes, citing instances of favoritism, lack of competitive bidding, and inadequate financial oversight.

These concerns were brought to the forefront following an investigation conducted by the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries.

The MPs highlighted specific cases where procurement procedures were allegedly disregarded, leading to inflated prices and questionable supplier selections.

They expressed apprehension that these irregularities could undermine the effectiveness of NAADS’ programs and hinder the intended benefits for farmers across the country.

The MPs emphasized the importance of ensuring that NAADS operates with utmost integrity and efficiency, given its critical role in supporting agricultural development in Uganda.

They called for increased oversight and monitoring mechanisms to prevent future irregularities and restore public trust in the organization.

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries has promised to closely monitor the implementation of the recommended corrective actions by NAADS.

They expressed their determination to hold the organization accountable and ensure that taxpayers’ funds are utilized effectively and responsibly.

In conclusion, the scrutiny faced by NAADS from Members of Parliament regarding irregular procurement practices serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability in public organizations.

The collaborative efforts of the MPs and NAADS management to rectify these issues will be crucial in restoring public confidence and ensuring the efficient delivery of agricultural support services to farmers throughout Uganda.

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