Mbarara RDC puts very strict rules on Bobi Wine plans to launch manifesto in mbarara

We first attempted to hold the event in a hotel in Mbarara but several of them informed us that they were instructed by security not to host us. In fact, we had paid booking fees for Adit House but the proprietor called back with apologies that the RDC instructed him to refund our money!
We went ahead and secured another venue along Buremba Road in Kakoba Division. Preparations have been in high gear, until today when they came and complained that the place is so close to the town centre! They also gave illegal instructions that we must not pass through the town or even spend the night there. We had notified them of our intention to officially open our office located on Makhan Singh street, but they claim that we cannot do this, because our office is in town!
Eventually they told us to hold our event at Kakyeka stadium which is slightly out of town! They insisted that even in a stadium, we must host only 70 people. It is clear the intention is to prevent any display of support to us by so many supporters that we have in Mbarara, as in all parts of the country.
We shall be there tomorrow 11am, Kakyeka stadium.’
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