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Heineken sues over 15,000 cases of frozen beer

Frozen margaritas are one thing — but frozen beer is bad for business, according to Heineken, which claims it lost more than 15,000 cases of brew to frigid temps when a shipping company mishandled them.


The suds were shipped to the United States from Amsterdam last year, were offloaded in the Port of Newark, and then sent to Satellite Logistics Group in the Chicago suburbs, according to a lawsuit filed last month.


But Satellite Logistics allegedly failed to immediately put the 11 shipping containers of brew in a climate-controlled facility, leaving it in below-zero temperatures for several days, Heineken charges in Manhattan Federal Court papers.


The “extreme temperature abuse” changed the taste of the beer, which had to be trashed, Heineken claimed.


Heineken is seeking more than $234,000 in damages.


Heineken was seeking more than $234,000 in damages, but says the case was resolved.

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