Eddy Kenzo Should Just Marry Spice Diana

Eddy Kenzo, is one of the best artist in Uganda and Africa in general, he has made many achievements and won several awards .But there is only one achievement he has not made , and it is also a very big challenge to him , that challenge is marriage .It is a bare truth that Kenzo has difficulties , when it comes to choosing the woman he should settle with, due to his celebrity status, to find a true woman is very difficult, because most women , will just fall in love with his riches and not him.

He has tried more than two serious relationship , but they ended up in tears and very painful heartbreaks .This has even made Kenzo to quit relationships for a while and concentrate on his music. But for me I think that Spice Diana, is a perfect woman for Eddy Kenzo, though they never tried to date but I think if they do, it will work out , because Spice got all the qualities and features any man will want her wife to have.

Spice Diana is very beautiful and cute , She has a very sweet voice and her face is always glowing .She also has body goals and her body shape has been always the talk of town .Spice is also an independent Woman, thus she got both beauty and brains, she has several brands and clothes shops .

Finally Spice is also a musician , hence her chemistry with Eddy Kenzo will be very perfect , because she also knows how things go on in the entertainment industry and the hardships musicians go through .Hence I think that Spice Diana is the best woman for Eddy Kenzo to settle with. What are your comments on this?.

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Spice Diana and Eddy Kenzo



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