Diamond Platmunz about his Presidential bid

Make way for your Diamond Platnumz in the political world, okay relax not now.

In an interview with Lil Ommy at Wasafi FM, he said he is not dismissing politics, he just wants to make music for now. But if anything changes, he will be asking for your votes, okay this is to Tanzanians of course.

“To be honest,  me joining politics, not yet. As a Tanzanian, I am all about supporting anyone who will bring change. At the moment I just want to be fully in the music industry and to bring development.” Diamond said

Mr. Chibudi Chibude went on to say that the youth need to put more effort into what they are doing as hard work is the only way forward.

Diamond and so many young celebrities have had an interest on various political seats but the question is always one, are you going in it for fame or to make a difference.

Political pressure has been planted on Platnumz after his success in mobilizing so many people for Magufuli over the last couple of months.

Before you have a strong stand on that, take a minute just like Diamond and think it through. But all in all, we wish Diamond all the best.

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