Debut single from new Pan African artist 911, “With Me,” rocks the music business

Debut single from new Pan African artist 911, "With Me," rocks the music business

Rapper 911, a Mombasa native, debuted with the single “With Me” on the Plan89 Entertainment label. The song was written with the theme of love and features the most talented rap artist in Kenya, Dyana Cods, who plays 911’s love interest. New musicians frequently enter the Kenyan music scene, which is constantly evolving. The rising star is having a significant impact on the industry by contributing new viewpoints, distinctive styles, and captivating lyrics.


911’s smooth flow and deft wordplay are highlighted in the upbeat and catchy song “With Me.” The rapper’s newfound love and his plans to keep her forever are the subjects of the song. The song, which was written by 911 and produced by Plan8-9 Entertainment Label, demonstrates the rapper’s undeniable skill as both a rapper and a songwriter. It is the ideal fusion of infectious beats and honest, emotional lyrics.

911 has been honing his craft for years and has always had a passion for music. His most recent song exhibits his dedication and labor, showcasing his skill at moving listeners with his melodies and lyrics. The rapper has received praise for his distinctive style, which combines elements of dancehall, hip-hop, rap, R&B, and Afro-swing music. 911 is poised to emerge as one of his generation’s most significant and prosperous rappers thanks to his undeniable talent, adaptability, and commitment to creating meaningful music.


pan-African rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer 911 possesses extraordinary talent. 911 is also known as Eugine Odhiambo Ogalloh. His unique musical taste reflects his aspiration to conquer the entire planet. Undoubtedly, 911 is quickly becoming the freshest and most exciting face of the country’s music scene. 911, a talented musician from Kenya who is still developing his career, still has a lot to do. Since he was a young child, music had always intrigued him. They gave him an adrenaline rush he couldn’t find elsewhere and rounded him in a way that only nature could.

911 is one of the most intriguing new artists, mixing Swahili and English in both their music and lyrics. Hip-hop, rap, afro-swing, and dancehall are just a few of the many musical genres that have influenced his music. In contrast to Nairobi-based musicians, coast musicians and artists are well known for their hot, instructive, and uplifting music. Similarly, unlike their Nairobi counterparts, the majority of them sing. Because of this, most Kenyans today are familiar with and enjoy listening to the music of Coast artists.

But if the Mombasa hip-hop scene today is any indication, things are not as they once were. This has been influenced by many things, including the fact that many artists had to modify their styles to fit the more well-liked ones.

Because he comes from a musical family, he has always been mystified and made whole by musical instruments in a way that only nature can comprehend. His late father, Mathew Abiya Ogalo, who was a talented musician and enjoyed music as a hobby, had a big impact on his love of music. His father used to let him practice various instruments for him when he was younger.

911 gets his inspiration from things that happen around him and have an immediate impact on him and those around him to make music that crosses genres like hip-hop, R&B, Afro-swing, and dancehall. He is in a position to become one of the most influential and successful rappers of his generation thanks to his undeniable talent, adaptability, and dedication to making meaningful music.

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