Bebe Cool and Catherine banned from meeting the president in State House.

Presidential advisor for Kampala who is also a musician Catherine Kusasira together with Moses Ssali aka Bebe cool were last year blocked from state house as they tried to seek an appointment with President Museveni and up to now they find it difficult to meet him.

It all started last year in November when the self-proclaimed bazukulu alias the silent majorities were blocked at State House as they tempted to seek for an appointment to meet the President. The duo wanted to meet the President to discuss preparations for him to meet all artistes – singers, actors, comedians – and other stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

But being usual Statehouse visitors, the frustrated officials asked the two why they are always representing fellow artistes when it comes to meeting the President.
“Why do you want to always meet the President on behalf of all the artistes in Uganda? Show us evidence that you are backed by all Ugandan artistes, drama actors and comedians or if they authorized you to plan for them this function of meeting the President,” a source quoted the State House officials.
The duo reportedly just stammered without any strong reason  forcing state house officials to ban them from having any private discussions with the President.

According to the source, the duo (Bebe Cool and Catherine) can only meet him on public gatherings or somewhere else but they will never be put on a State House program to meet the Head of State Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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