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“Allegations of Corruption Surface Against Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Ssali”

Allegations of Corruption Surface Against Ministry's Permanent Secretary, Ssali

However, based on the initial report, it appears that the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of trade, Industry and cooperatives in Uganda Ms Geraldine Ssali, is under scrutiny due to allegations of corruption.

The nature of the alleged corruption and the evidence supporting the claims are currently unknown.

It is possible that the relevant authorities in Uganda, such as the Inspectorate of Government and other investigative bodies, are looking into the matter to determine the veracity of the allegations and to take appropriate action if necessary.

However If the allegations are found to be true, Ms Ssali may face disciplinary action or other legal consequences.

This follows several concerns raised by witnesses who were interfacing with parliament’s committee on Trade,Tourism and Industry on Monday.

These concerns include the cost of ministers cars was allegedly inflated, renovations of the MTIC offices allegedly cost more than what was budgeted for and the ministry spent Shs 400 million to transport documents from the MTIC offices on farmers House on parliamentary Avenue in Kampala to Entebbe town which is 34 kilometres away.

Corruption is a serious issue in many countries and can have significant negative impacts on society, including hindering economic growth, eroding public trust in government institutions, and impeding the delivery of basic services to citizens.

As such, it is important that allegations of corruption are thoroughly investigated and those responsible held accountable if found guilty.

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