Julie Mutesasira’s reaction to gay wedding leaves fans confused


One of the most trending story this week has been gospel musician, Julie Mutesasira’s gay wedding. Whereas the wedding was held last year, it remained unknown to many until this weekend.

Julie mutesasira

It all began with the second wedding by her pastor husband, Steven Mutesasira leaving many faithfuls and a reasonable section of the public confused since they have always known him to be married to Julie whom he wedded in 2003. In fact, the couple even has three kids together.

In defence of pastor Steven Mutesasira’s second wedding, Pastor Mondo Mugisha, the pastor who blessed the second wedding said Steven committed no crime since Julie left their marital home in 2017 and even broke their marriage vows when she married a fellow woman in Canada.

Pastor Mugisha Mondo who Blessed pastor 2nd wedding

He even went ahead to share a photo of Julie’s wedding with a fellow woman on social media. Since then, Julie, a celebrated gospel artiste has gone viral on social media, with a large number condemning her gay marriage. Among them is Pastor Martin Ssempa.

Pastor Mutesasira’s second wedding

“I have known both Julie and Steven for years. But for Julie, I last saw her during one of her performances at St Francis church at Makerere. She is so talented, beautiful and most importantly she is married. However, the latest developments have left many of us who are her fans crestfallen. Such things always leave us so hurt. Even if it was after securing a Canadian residence, it shouldn’t have gone that far. The Bible tells us in Mark 8: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” Pastor Martin Ssempa.

Speaking out on the controversy for the first time, Julie admits she is confused too.

I’m not divorced, nor single or searching. I’m not married but I’m confused,” noted Julie Mutesasira.

The confusion hasn’t spared her kids, Ezekiel and Esther, the first winners of East Africa Got Talent either. They announced Wednesday they were quitting social media.

Ezekiel Pastor mutesasira and Julie son

Esther Pastor mutesasira and Julie daughter


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